Magnet Safety Disclaimer

Sto-Klips ® (Neodymium Magnet) Safety

Sto-Klips ® are made with neodymium magnets which produce a powerful magnetic field.   Although Sto-Klips ® have an extremely strong plastic casing, Neodymium magnets themselves are brittle, and can shatter if dropped or allowed to slam into each other. Eye protection should always be worn when handling Sto-Klips ®.  

Because Sto-Klips ® have such a strong magnetic field, never allow Sto-Klips ® near a person with a pacemaker, cardiac defibrillator, or similar medical device; Sto-Klips ®  may affect the operation of such devices.


Sto-Klips ® should be kept away from flash drives, credit cards, magnetic I.D. cards, CDs, DVDs, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, computer monitors and other similar devices.  

Sto-Klips ® will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 175°F (80°C).

Sto-Klips ® should never be burned, as burning them will create toxic fumes.


 As with all tools, keep Sto-Klips ® away from Children!  

Sto-Klips ® are magnetic fasteners for air filter media for HVAC Equipment, Electrical Panel Coolers, Commercial Refrigeration Units, Industrial Motors, and much more…


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