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sto klips high powered adjustable magnetic fastener
Save thousands in costly repairs.
Magnetic Sto-Klips let you easily fasten filters to equipment.
Commercial/Industrial HVAC Condenser Coils • Refrigeration • Ventilation • And More
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Sto-Klips is a high powered adjustable magnetic fastener

Patent US 9,328,754

sto klips fasteners filters refrigertion heating air industrial electric coilsCleaning the backside of equipment coils has always been a challenge, requiring several man hours in labor costs.

And time is money!

Facilities, equipment and customers are often jeopardized by malfunctioning equipment caused by dirt and debris which leads to costly repairs. Sto-Klips solves this problem by allowing you to easily install filters “externally” to equipment, enabled by the self-piercing design and high-powered magnets of Sto-Klips.

STO-KLIPS are the answer to: How do I keep my air conditioning & refrigeration coils clean?”


  • “Fact #1 Dirty condenser coils cause premature compressor failures.”


  • “Fact #2 Dirty condenser coils LOWER system capacity.”


  • “Fact #3 Dirty condenser coils INCREASE electric usage while DECREASING system performance.”


Sto-Klips will allow easy use of pre-filters which will eliminate the ‘age old’ problem: ‘How do I keep my coils clean?
J. D. Douse, Branch Manager
Young Supply Co.
Wholesale Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

D.B. Laboratory Manager


We have started to use Sto-Klips along with their recommended filter media in a number of applications at the laboratory (instrument cooling fans, compressor condensers, etc).  In the past we had used the typical foam which is often provided with the instrumentation.  In an industrial setting this foam tends to break down rather quickly and needs to be replaced almost as often as it needs to be cleaned.  Even worse, some of our applications need the equipment to be opened up to access the filter media, costing time, and in some cases also requiring that the equipment be temporarily taken out of service.” 

“Now we are using the Sto-Klips along with their suggested media.  The magnets hold firmly and allow external surface mounting of the media making it a breeze to remove, clean and reinstall, all while keeping the unit in operation .”


D.R.Sondergeld, Graytown, Ohio


“STO-KLIPS In a single word, simple!”
“I work around many AC and cooling units, and the last few months I’ve been seeing lots of filter media going up with STO-KLIPS.  After seeing what was being collected on the filters, and how simple it can be removed, I realized this would be slick at home. I have a 20,000 BTU wall unit that is a pain to pull and clean the coils, but not anymore! I acquired a set of STO-KLIPS and in five minutes, I popped the clips in the filter media, put it on the air intakes, and a hard job became easy.  Now I can just walk by and look to see if the filters need cleaning (without pulling the unit to clean the coils) With fields on 3 sides of me, and country living, there is no shortage of dust, not to mention the cottonwood.  Thanks to STO-KLIPS, one residential job is now simple!”